Wednesday, 25 June 2008

My two Horses

These are the two horses I will be using for my ride, the sorrel is called Tigers, and the brown, Cody, It's possible I might rename them when I get to know them better, but we'll have to see. Both horses are around 15.1 hands and weigh just over 1120 lbs. When I set off both horses will be fully vaccinated and have their health certificates in order, they'll also be "stepping out" in new shoes.Long Rider Allen Russell, a great guy who lives in Montana, found both horses for me. What Allen doesn't know about horses isn't worth knowing, and I have been doubly fortunate as Allen is letting me stay on his ranch for a couple of weeks to enable me to get to know them before I set off. Allen has also offered to trailer me the 500 odd miles to North Dakota where I will be starting the ride at the end of July, so all in all I'm very indebted to this generous Long Rider.

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