Thursday, 31 July 2008

First Day Completed

I eventually managed to contact Bob in Fortuna, but reception is very bad, so could only have a brief conversation. He had a brilliant first day's ride, and his host from the previous night, Andrew, and his wife rode with him all the way, which was a lovely way to start his first day's riding.

The horses are bedded for the night, and Bob is now waiting to entertain the neighbours who are coming to meet him this evening. His new hosts,Roger and Diana Bloom, have had to go out , but they took him out this afternoon sightseeing. He is living in comfort tonight, as apparently he has his own little house to sleep in away from the main house. Thank you Roger and Diana for all your hospitality.

We are both constantly amazed at the open heartedness of the American people who are going out of their way to help him with the journey.

Many thanks to Andrew and his family for looking after him on arrival in North Dakota. I'm only sorry that I can't e-mail them to pass on our thanks, but if anyone in Fortuna reads this please pass the message on.

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Ruth said...

Howdy, I am Andrews' mom. We live in Florida, but I will pass your "thank you" message on to them, we talk to them often. Don't know if they will ever get a computer. He told us about Bobs' ride, and was very pleased to help out.