Thursday, 23 October 2008

24 miles South of Lamar

A very early start today, on 19 October, as this was going to be one of Bob's longest rides......29 miles to his next stop. The weather was fine, very cold in the mornings now, but as he heads south it should pick up again. He was riding on a back road, parallel to the main road, and about 5 miles from his destination, late afternoon, Rocky Woolman met up with him, in his trailer. Rocky was the Long Rider I had mentioned in a previous blog who had just finished an epic ride earlier this year. He had arranged to meet with Bob to ride part of the way with him to Boise City, where Rocky used to live. Believe it or not, he had driven 600 miles to meet up with Bob !!!!

As he was unloading his horses from the trailer, Lynn and Rod turned up in their pick up with Bob's pack saddles and gear, which they were transporting for him to his next stop. Rocky had brought a pack horse, and they pushed on as it would be starting to get dark within the next hour. They arrived at the home of Greg and Valerie Emick, and the horses were corralled about 6 miles from the house and given plenty of feed. Greg drove them back to his house, and Lynn and Rod also arrived, and they all ate together.

A snippet of information, of interest. On Greg's land, he has 120 wind Turbine windmills, gigantic things , and each one produces 1.6 MW of electricity.

Also another thing of interest. A lot of people in the countryside raise cattle from calves, and then send them to the feed lot , where they are fattened on corn, prior to slaughter. People then have their own beef, and don't need to buy any. Also Hamburgers are made from REAL meat, not like the rubbish we have in ours, and they quite often use meat such as Buffalo and Elk in them.

Thank you very much, Greg and Valerie, for helping not only Bob, but also your hospitality towards Rocky.

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