Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Eads, Colorado

Sorry, folks, for the big gap when I have not been reporting back. Have now come back to Bristol for a few days to catch up on everything.

After Bob left Kit Carson on 13 October, he had a ride of over 20 miles to Eads Fairground, and arrived there at about 3.30pm. Bruce Fickenscher, who had arranged the stopover for him , came out to meet him as he rode into town, and he had also arranged hay and grain for the horses.Cody and Tigers were safely corralled for the night, and then , surprise surprise, Bruce had arranged for Bob to have a beautifully comfortable room at the local retirement home, which is only three years old. The room had its own kitchen and bathroom, and there was a swimming pool and hot tub on the complex, which Bob had the use of. He had to borrow some swimming trunks, and had a wonderful time relaxing after his journey. Not content with all he had done for Bob, Bruce had also arranged a complimentary meal for our rider. Sincere thanks to Bruce for all his help. You went far beyond the call of duty !

Bob was telling me a bit of history again, which I like to put on the blog. As the land round here is very dry it has to be irrigated by pivots, which throw 1000 gallons of water per minute onto the fields. When we were looking at Google Earth last year at Colorado before Bob went on his ride, we wondered what the circles were that showed up everywhere. Now we know. The whole of Colorado is above an aquafer, which is a body of water underground, and this has to be pumped up in order to irrigate the land. Because the water level of the aquafer is dropping, people in this area are now limited in their useage of it, which is pretty tough when they rely on it to water their crops.

Another snippet of information. The Sagebrush, which is a low growing shrub and grows everywhere, was used by the Indians in the past as a medication.

Life is for living................ live it to the full !

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