Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Julesberg Fairground and David's place

You're probably all wondering why there's been no blog for a week. Unfortunately, I've been away from Bristol, due to family illness. Have returned today to try and catch up on the blog site. So rest assured, Bob is fine and the long ride is still going well.

I last spoke to Bob when he was approaching Julesberg, and he has since told me that he arrived safely. Unfortunately, he did not have a good night's sleep, due to the trains running alongside the fairground , who blew their horns as they approached, and this continued throughout the night. Although he was under shelter the weather has turned very cold at night now........ nearly frosty, and he needs to wear several layers of clothes to keep warm.

My thanks go out to Jene at the fairground, who had kindly arranged the next stopover for Bob. This was at the home of David, and Bob arrived there on 30 September. I'm afraid I don't know how long the ride was, as Bob forgot to tell me. Some friends came to visit, and brought cherry pie and ice cream...........Bob had two helpings, and said it was delicious, and David kindly let Bob sleep on his couch that night. Mine and Bob's thanks go out to him for his hospitality. In the morning, some friends arrived with breakfast, and Bob left at about 10a.m.

As I've got so much catching up to do, I've decided to split his journey for the next few days into different headings, so I don't leave anyone out.

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