Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Wauneta, Dean and Sue Jarrett, and on to Wray

Bob managed to leave Holyoke at 7.30 am on 3 October, as there were lights in the fairground, and he could pack etc whilst still dark.The journey would not be too long that day, 18 miles, and he was about 6 miles away from Dean Jarrett's when a trailer pulled up and on board was Patti Hendrick and her daughter, Taylor, who is 81/2. They asked if Taylor could ride with him part of the way, which Bob was very happy about. He said the little girl was a brilliant rider, and they rode to the Hendrick's home, and Bob had a break for coffee, whilst the horses were watered. Thanks for the coffee, Loren and Patti, and not forgetting Taylor!

He arrived at Dean's home about 3pm, and the horses were fed and corralled, and also given a salt block, & then went with Dean to feed the cattle. Later on that night he had a steak from their own farm, which he said was lovely. I'm getting so jealous !!!! He slept in the house that night. I would like to extend my thanks to Dean and Sue for their hospitality, and building his strength up with the lovely steak.

A bit of information on the landscape in Colorado. He's now in praire land, the ground is quite sandy and covered in Sagebrush and Tumbleweed. All farming here is done by irrigation, as the soil is so light, and I don't suppose they get much rain ( only guessing). There is adequate grass for the horses as he's riding, but the best is in the ditches.

I must also mention that as he was leaving Dean's place, he was looking for his gloves, which were at the bottom of his panniers, and Dean not only gave him a pair of gloves, but also a back strap to help with the bad back. Thanks again, Dean.


Bob left at 7.30am, and the weather was cold and overcast, and it was spitting with rain. However, saying that, he had a good ride with the distance to be covered being 21 miles that day. He stopped at a garage for food, and made it in good time to Drake Johnson's ranch by late afternoon. Drake trains reining horses. Later that evening, Bob, Drake and his girlfriend went into town for a steak and beers. Bob had a good night's sleep in the stables with the reining horses, and said that in the field next door to Cody and Tigers there were six buffalo. The horses were not impressed! Thank you so much, Drake, for looking after the three boys.

The following morning, he again left early, and had a tough day, as it was very windy, and made the ride hard going. He was camping by a river that was practically dried up, but there was enough water for the horses, and also trees, so that he could high line them. As it's getting dark earlier now, he has to make sure he leaves himself enough time when he arrives to pitch his tent and get the chores done before it gets dark. His faithful lamp is still going strong, and giving him plenty of light at night. There was enough light left for the horses to be hobbled to graze, and Tigers was belled so he could hear where they were. Bob said listening to the bell going reminded him of when he was up in the mountains with them.

Kevin Shiveley, whose land he was camping on, came out to make sure he was ok and for a chat, and also his son and his girlfriend. Thanks, Kevin for allowing him to camp on your land.

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