Friday, 24 October 2008

Campo, Colorado

At this stage of his journey, Bob has now done in excess of 1200 miles.

Rocky and Bob set off early as usual, and today the weather was quite pleasant, so they made good time and arrived in Campo about 4.30 that afternoon. Travelling is quite easy in Colorado unless the weather is bad, because the land is so flat, and usually the roads are quiet, as they tend to ride the dirt back roads.

They were met by Ray Johnson, who is the Mayor, and the horses were safely corralled and fed. Ray had arranged a pot luck dinner at the local community centre, which was attended by about 30/40 local residents and Bob said the food was wonderful. Ray had provided b'que Beef, which Bob said had a smokey flavour, and melted in your mouth. Why didn't you ask for the recipe, Bob ? He also gave a talk on his travels.

Rya had also arranged for them to sleep in an empty house, which was a luxury......bed for the night and showers!

Apparently Ray is in the process of opening a Barbecue Cafe in town.

The weather forecast for the next day sounded terrible........40 to 50mph gales, and freezing in the morning, but our intrepid heros were up at 5.30 am to carry on the ride. They had been invited to the local cafe for breakfast, but had declined because time was of a premium. But lo and behold at 5.30 am some kind person brought them coffee, biscuits, muffins and cookies to sustain them on their trip from the cafe. Thank you so much......they were much appreciated whilst they were on the ride. Also when they had packed and were riding out, about 4 families came out in their cars to wave them off. People are so lovely.............. you wouldn't get me out of bed that time of the morning!!!!!!

Ray drove out to say goodbye to them and saved the day........because the wind was so bad, he gave them both silk scarves to wrap around their faces for protection. Bob said they were a godsend.

Ray, you were marvellous with everything you did for the two travellers. Thank you so much. I know they enjoyed their stay and meeting yourself, and the folks of Campo. We may be back next year to visit that B'que Cafe you're setting up.

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