Thursday, 23 October 2008

Wiley, Colorado

Well, we're now in catch up mode, so here goes. I spoke to Bob tonight and spent over an hour taking notes.

He left Eads early on 14 October to ride 23 miles to Wiley, and Bruce who had so kindly helped him whilst he was in Eads came out to say goodbye. The weather was terrible, raining non stop all day, and he was soaked to the skin. When he was about 3/4 miles from his destination, the home of Sally and Mel Depra, he spotted a large wooden barn and decided to take the horses in there, so he could have something to eat. No sooner had he sat down than Sally and Mel pulled up in their car. They must have been driving out looking for him !

When he arrived at their home, he had a hot shower, and Sally kindly washed his clothes. Pat, a friend arrived, and they all sat down, had a good dinner, and a relaxing evening, chatting.

The next day, 15 October, Sally drove him to the Chiropractor, as his back is still giving him trouble. He had treatment and was told to return on the Friday for more treatment. Sally also drove him to his next destination by a different route to the one Bob was intending to take, so that he could avoid riding through Lamar. It will be a slightly longer ride, but worth the trouble. The evening was spent having a nice meal and chatting.

I really must express mine and Bob's appreciation to Sally and Mel for being such wonderful hosts, and looking after my three boys so well.

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