Saturday, 25 October 2008

Bob and Rocky's Ride

Have received some more lovely pictures of Bob at an American Football game, and also of Bob and Rocky on their ride. My thanks to The Boise City News, C.F. David and Don Scearce. Also Rocky who sent some great pictures of them both today.

Here are two of the cheerleaders at the American Football match. On the left is April Layton, and then Lacy Wilson. Bob met her grandparents in Campo.
This the local team, The Wildcats. Apparently Bob brought them luck and they won their game that night. Here we see them breaking their banner.

The Wildcats in action. A bit different to British football !

And now we have some photos that Rocky sent through today of himself and Bob at Campo and Boise City......also that horrendous gale force ride.

The two Long Riders together. They've even got matching gilets !

Bob stopping for a rest at the Comanche National Grasslands

Bob and Rocky socialising at the Campo Community Centre. Bit of a sour face, Bob !!

Our Long Rider giving a talk to the residents of Campo.

Two very wet riders stopping to let the horses graze. Notice the lack of trees.

Oh, for a nice warm, dry bed.

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