Friday, 24 October 2008

Photos from Colorado

People have been kindly sending me lots of pictures, which is great. So, I'm devoting one blog to a picture gallery. This is the typical flat landscape of Colorado that Bob had been telling me about.

A lovely old building, which (and I'm only guessing from the silos behind) I think was in Holyoke.

Gathering for the "pot luck" at Holyoke.

Here's Taylor Hendrick who joined Bob on the road into Wauneta on 3 October. She's only 81/2 and a brilliant rider.

The long and not so winding roads of Colorado.

Bob's luxury sleeping arrangements when he was in Barns or buildings.....preferably with hay !

Talking with the kids at Boise City Elementary School.

Bob and Rocky braving the elements on their ride from Campo to Boise City

My three wet boys!!!!!

An equally wet Rocky !!!!

Just a quick thank you to Karen Towns from the Stratton Spotlight newspaper, who kindly sent me a copy of the paper through the post, showing the article on Bob's long ride.

Whilst I was doing this blog, Bob phoned to tell me about his day. He is currently staying at the home of Angela Legrand and her daughter, Kayley who is five, and her sister, Cindy. he is chilling out after the bad weather they have had, and spent today, cleaning out the horses' corral and feeding and checking them, as well as writing up his journal. When I spoke to him he had a little white kitten licking him on the chin !!!!

Due to change in hours from mountain time to central time, it does not get light until 8.00am now. Central time is only 6 hours behind us, whilst mountain time is 7. To further confuse matters, clocks go back an hour in America on 2 November. Bob will be riding back into mountain time on 5 November. Work all that out if you can !?!

A big thank you to Angela, Cindy, and not forgetting Kayley, for looking after Bob, and giving him a bed for the time he was in Boise City.

And, finally, another snippet of information.......Campo was the centre of the dust bowl that swept through Colorado in the 1930's, removing all the top soil.

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