Thursday, 23 October 2008

Lamar, Colorado

On 16 October Bob had a ride of 23 miles to Lamar, and to the home of Lynn and Rod Schwarz. Sally and Mel had kindly arranged to drive his gear over there, so his pack horse (Tigers) had an easy ride that day. The weather was fine that day, and he was travelling over flat terrain on dirt roads, with no traffic, so there were no problems. Would you believe it, Sally and Mel drove out with lunch for him on the way. They are so kind.

When Bob was half way to Lamar, a stray dog started following him, and came with him for the rest of the journey. Nobody seemed to know whose dog it was, but I believe that Sally was going to take it home with her. I was worrying about the dog when Bob told me about it the other night. But he was not thrilled when I suggested perhaps we could have it !!!! A companion for Jess, our Labrador !

That evening there was a pot luck supper at the Vaqueros Saddle Club, with about 30/40 people there, and Bob gave a talk afterwards. Do you think I can book him in for speaking engagements when he gets back , for a nominal fee ?

On 17 October, Sally arrived at Lynn's to take Bob back to the Chiropractor for further treatment. He didn't want to take payment and would only charge Bob a low fee when Bob insisted on paying. Perhaps Sally or Lynn could express our appreciation to him, as he certainly eased Bob's discomfort. Later that day, Bob did an interview for the local paper, and then Pat, who was at Sally's home the other night picked him up and took him to his girlfriend's home. Pat restores old waggons, and took Bob to see them where they are housed in a barn at the Fairground.

The following day, a friend of Lynn and Rod's, Evan, came and reshod and pared the horses's feet, and that afternoon, Rod drove him the route he was taking the next day so that he could suss it out. That evening, Evan and his wife came round for drinks and a chat, and I think quite a good evening was had by all, as Bob told me they had a late night!

Thank you so much, Lynn and Rod for putting Bob up, and looking after him so well, not to forget Pat and Evan as well. He certainly enjoyed meeting you all.

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