Thursday, 23 October 2008

Springfield, Colorado

The next day, 20 October, Greg drove Bob and Rocky back to the barn where the horses were stabled, and they had another early start as they had a 24 mile ride to the Springfield Fairground.

They were forced to ride alongside the main road, in the ditches, and Bob said it was the worst road he has had to ride along so far. Apparently, it's the main road to Amarillo, and is used by all the trucks, so it was pretty horrendous with four horses, especially when they had to go across bridges.

They arrived at the Fairground without mishap, and Deborah Lester had arranged feed for the horses to be there. Thank you very much, Deborah. They slept in a building there that night. The Fairground was about a mile from the restaurant, and just to show how kind people are, a lady gave them a lift there, and said "when you've finished eating, give me a ring and I'll drop you back". And she did. Thank you for your kindness.

They dined on steak and prawns that evening. All right for some, isn't it !!!!

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