Sunday, 24 August 2008

Amidon and Bowman

Bob arrived at the home of Kim Howie on 21 Aug after a ride of 20 miles, to a warm welcome. The ride was quite uneventful, apart from the heat and, as seems to be usual, when I spoke to him that evening he was relaxing with a beer. My thanks to Kim for her hospitality.

He left Kim's home early the next morning, 22 Aug, ( he's getting the packing and care of the horses down to a fine art now), but there was a stiff breeze going for the duration of the ride, and unfortunately, he was heading into it, so by the time he arrived in Amidon at the home of Lynn and Norman Homelvig, his face was very burnt. Guess what he was doing when I phoned that evening ? Yes, beer was at the forefront again!!!!

His back is improving daily. It's no longer giving him problems, and he says that he is feeling really fit and the horses are doing just fine. They know who is boss now! He said they are responding very well to him, and I think he is forming a deep attachment with them.

A little snippet of information. Amidon is the highest point in North Dakota.

Once again, I must thank Lynn and Norman for sharing their home with him, and making his journey a little easier.

He now gets up at 6am to get on the road a bit earlier, and avoid a little of the sweltering heat, and left the Homelvig's on 23 Aug for the 22 mile ride to Bowman. En route a man passing in a car stopped and said "you must be Bob Jones", and got out and shook his hand and wished him luck.

When I spoke to him in the early hours of this morning (in England) he had just arrived at the Bowman County Fairground, and had settled the horses for the night. Kayla from the fairground had got in Hay and grain for the horses, which was waiting for him. Thank you, Kayla.

I believe another reporter was coming to see him at the fairground for an interview, and he was then going into Bowman for a steak. He will be sleeping in the barn, but has the luxury of an electric light, although he says the horses' accomodation is better than his!

On 24 Aug he has a 26 mile journey to Ludlow, his longest trip yet, and apparently the weather, which had cooled down a bit over the last few days, is going to be really hot again. When he reaches Ludlow, he will be in South Dakota.

Thank you all the kind people in North Dakota. We think you're great.

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