Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Rest Days In Medora

Temperatures in Medora are very high , 97 degrees, so Bob is resting and trying to get rid of the backache.He thoroughly enjoyed the concert last night, and my thanks go out to Mryna and her family for being so hospitable to him. I do hope they get this message, as I can't contact them by e-mail.

Bob spotted a large Elk on the hilltop in Medora, and reckons he took some good photos. Please can we have some for the blog site!

He had another newspaper interview last night, so I'm hoping that will be sent to me, so I can pull it off, and keep it for when he gets back.

He also told me that the good people of Medora are being extremely kind to him, with a special mention to George at the stables who drove for miles to get Bob grain for the horses.

Bob will be on the move again tomorrow with a ride of 17.5 miles to Belfield.

More news later.

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