Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Rest Days In The Maah Daah Hey

Hooray. Communication was re established last night. Bob has been resting the horses for the last two days, and chilling out in the foothills. He had a shower in a mountain spring yesterday, which must have been quite invigorating.

There have been some spectacular thunderstorms, with lighting zig zagging across the sky. It must be quite something to be up in the hills and see that. His little one man tent has kept him dry and snug, and the army rations are keeping his belly full, even though they're lacking in taste.

He has met up with several people passing through who have kept his spirits up with food and cans of beer. One Canadian was riding through on his mountain bike, with his girlfriend following in a camper van, and they spent the evening with Bob, and upon leaving presented him with food and a bottle of wine to while away the evening. I'm hoping for some photos from them, as they promised to e-mail them to me when they get back to Canada.

All in all Bob remains very positive (does that surprise me?), and was ready to get back on the trail today with Cody as the riding horse for this stint, and Tigers packing. He will be in the hills for another six days, and if I can get through we will have to ration our talks as he needs power in his cell phone in case of emergencies. So there may not be much news to report for the next week.

Watch out for the sink holes, cowboy!

P.S. These hills were named The Maah Daah Hey by the Mandan Hidatsa tribe. Bob was going to give me a bit more info, but his phone died.

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