Friday, 15 August 2008

Magpie Campground & Elkhorn Campground

Bob had another long ride of 23 miles to get to Magpie Campground, and he was in the saddle for 10 hours. He reckons it takes him about 3 hours to get ready every morning(he was never any good at doing anything in the mornings!). So in future will make a far earlier start, as when I spoke to him on 13 Aug, he was still riding to the campground at 6 that evening. He is suffering with backache, but hopefully as his back strengthens, that will disappear.

Saw a rattler in the campground, but it disappeared when he approached.

He reckons the campgrounds are fantastic, as they are all fully fenced against wild animals, and the horses can roam free without having to be hobbled. They also have fire pits, and running water, together with benches and tables (all mod cons).

The following day (14 Aug), he had a 20 mile ride, with out of this world scenery, and arrived at the Elkhorn Campground, where he stayed for 2 nights. The first night he shared the campground with 3 cyclists, but apart from that he has not seen a soul for several days.( he did see another snake today) . He has been enjoying the solitude, and catching up on his diary. The following night he met up with Bob and Marla Neugebauer from Menoken, and had an enjoyable evening with them sharing beer and popcorn ( A nice change from iron rations). My thanks to them for their hospitality.

Apparently, Theodore Roosevelt had his ranch very close to this campsite, which was called Elkhorn Ranch.

I spoke to Bob this evening, and he'd just climbed to the top of a hill in order to get reception. He's up at 5 am tomorrow to get an early start, as he has a ride of 22 miles to Wannagan Campground. He will spend one night there, and the following day will ride out of the Maah Daah Hey and towards Medora. Weather still very hot, unlike rainy old England.


Lenny said...

Hi--Im Lenny B. one of the cyclist that was in Elkhorn Campground with Bob.... the one with the accent . Bob and the horses all looked good---- Other than Bobs watch ---which "showed up missing", it's a German Russian phrase--- thing were good. Wishing Bob the best of luck on his adventure ..and Happy Trails

pacodog said...

Hi Im John one of the other cyclists from the Elkhorn camp. This is quite an amazing trek Bob is on. We have been telling all our friends about him. Hope your watch shows up. Good Luck Bob. maybe we will see you again on the trail...

coralmule said...

Hi Bob;
Just found your blog on the LRG website and want to wish you well. I rode from Wisconsin to the Pacific a few years ago and love to hear about other people's adventures with horses. Take good care of them!
I hope you meet as many friends as I did on your journey.
Susan C.