Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Heading For Alexander

Bob stayed for two days at the home of Fred and Myrna Eberle, who took him out for breakfast at their favourite cafe (funnily enough Bob had decided when he was planning his route that he was going to go there, as it was on the approach to Williston.)

This kind couple really went out of their way to help him, and even drove him into Williston so that he could organise crossing the bridge at Williston with the local Highway patrol .

If anyone could pass my thanks on to Fred and Myrna, I would be grateful, as it was only organised at the last minute that he stay with them, and I'm unable to e-mail them.

Bob left them about 8.30 am and got to Williston early afternoon, where he was met by the local Highway patrol. They kindly stopped the traffic across the bridge so that he could walk the horses over. He's now got people going past in their cars, waving and shouting "hello Bob". The local television channel ,KUM TV, also caught up with him for an interview, which will be shown on the evening news today.

Today has been a really uncomfortable ride as he has been plagued by hundreds of mosquitos which have eaten him and the horses alive, together with the high temperatures, and the fact he had to cover 22 miles. As I was talking to him tonight, he was resting the horses by the side of the road, and was within sight of his next stay.

After today, he will be resting at Fairgrounds or Rodeo grounds until he hits the Maah Daah Hey foothills (the Black Hills of Dakota) in about 3 days time, when it will be tent and iron rations for our traveller. I'm fully expecting to not be able to talk to him then , so we may have a gap when no blogs are posted.

Keep watching this space

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Becky said...

Hi Bob. We had your sister Carole and her husband Si over for dinner last night (both are very well, and Carole a proud sister). She said to look at your blog to hear all about your amazing undertaking - good luck with the adventure! Becky and Mark (Bristol).