Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Off To Williston

Bob arrived at the ranch of James and Sharon Moline, to a warm welcome, and the horses were corralled for the night. Only fleetingly though, as apparently Tigers decided to jump out of his pen, to go and greet the other horses!

While Bob was there, the local reporter arrived for the Williston Herald, and attached is the link to the interview with "cowboy Bob".


Sharon e-mailed me the next day to say how they had enjoyed Bob's company, and learning about our culture. I must thank them for giving up their time to look after him, and for feeding him so well.

Below is a photo of Bob arriving at their place, and below that a photo of Bob with his hosts.

Bob has now arrivedat his next destination after a short ride of only 11 miles, and is now resting the horses for several days. Apparently, he is becoming a bit of a celebrity in the area, as people seem to be looking out for him. Once he sets off again, the going will become tougher as he will not be staying with anyone for the next few weeks, and will be hitting the Maah Daah Hey foothills on 10 August. I may then lose contact with him for a few days, as we may not be able to get cell phone connection.

Watch this site for further developments!

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