Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Storms Over The Maah Daah Hey

Here's the promised picture of lightning over the Maah Daah Hey. Quite spectacular, isn't it?

I managed to speak to Bob for about 5 minutes last night. He was still riding towards his next camp site at the Bennett Campground, but had managed to lose his way several times en route so was behind time. He saw his first snake today, but evasive action was taken by them both!!!

It's taking him longer than he had anticipated to pack up and go in the mornings, so he will be leaving earlier in future. The next campground he will be heading for is 23 miles away, so he's got a long journey today, and more storms are forecast. He hadn't seen a soul all day, so was quite pleased to speak with me.

Keep checking as I'm waiting for more photos up in the mountains.

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