Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Ludlow South Dakota

Today I received the following photos from Kim Howie at Belfield, whom Bob had stayed with on 21 August. The first picture is Bob leaving the Howie ranch en route to Amidon. He was to stay that night with another of Kim's relatives. See how flat the land is.

Below we can see Bob and his horses with Kim at the Howie Ranch.

The next picture shows from left to right, Stewart Homelvig, Kim's cousin, Bob, Eric Homelvig who is also her cousin, and her brother Doug Howie.

Thanks Kim for supplying the pictures. It cheers up the blog site!

I spoke to Bob last night, after a bit of trouble with getting through, and he told me that he had given a talk to the children of the local school at Ludlow. I'm hoping that we will get a photo of them to put on the blog site. They all seemed very interested in what he was doing. I expect it makes a change from ordinary school work!
He is currently staying with Suezet and Ron Braaten, who run a bar in Ludlow, which Bob reckons is very atmospheric. He has spent the last day just chilling out after his long trip to get there.
When he was on his way there from Bowman, the horses were a bit jinked when he was crossing a bridge, and a car going the other way with a trailer attached, did not slow down. Apparently, the noise of the trailer crossing the bridge made the horses freak out, and he had a bit of a job to calm them down. Anyway, all's well that ends well, and they made it to Ludlow safetly after a ride of 26 miles ( hot as usual). Bob was glad of the chance to stay over at Ludlow for 2 nights as he was pretty well exhausted after that trip, as were the horses.
He has to be on the lookout most of the time when he's riding on the verges beside the roads, as not only are they full of bottles and cans, especially near place signs, where people driving past throw their bottles at the road signs, but are also full of holes dug by Praire Dogs.

Many thanks to Suezet and Ron for looking after Bob whilst he was in Ludlow.
Whilst I'm on the blog site, I must also thank Kayla from the Bowman County Fairground, as she not only ferried Bob around to do his shopping, but also took him for a complimentary meal on his arrival at the fairground. He had a really good steak!!!! Also, the following day when Bob had resumed his journey, she drove out with water for him and the horses, which was very welcome. Thank you so much, Kayla. It was much appreciated by Bob.

Today Bob was heading for Buffalo, so I will keep you all posted with the next chapter of his adventures.

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