Friday, 29 August 2008

Buffalo South Dakota

Bob had a good ride to Buffalo of 21 miles with no mishaps, but his back is still niggly, and he's got a cold now. Poor chappie!

He's staying at the fairground, and had corralled the horses and set up his bed in a garage. Wally Stephens from the Nation's Center News arrived to interview him, so I'm hoping that he will let me know the web site for the interview and perhaps forward a photo or two. Bob is resting in Buffalo for two nights.

I must thank Jerry Krogh for kindly getting him some hay and oats for the horses, as well as the sheriff's deputy for doing the same.

Bob had gone to the local cafe for some food and was just settling down when Wally arrived and announced that he was sleeping at their place. So , once he had finished eating, Wally kindly ferried him back to the fairground, packed his gear and lo and behold a comfy bed was had for two nights. Better than sleeping on a table as he was going to do!

He had a very enjoyable stay with Wally and Linda Stephens who took him to his first Baseball game. I must ask him how it went. Whilst he was in Buffalo he also gave two talks to the local school children. I think he's getting to be a bit of a celebrity!

He left Buffalo on 28 August, and had only got 7 miles down the road, and who should turn up but Linda Stephens, with food and drink for him. Later on again, she drove out at 2 o'clock with dinner for him. I can't thank Wally and Linda enough for their kindness, especially for putting themselves out so much to make sure he was fed.

Whilst he was riding along a car pulled up, and a lady got out and said "Hello Bob I've been following your blog site. I'm Sharon Moline's cousin" ( he stayed with James and Sharon at Williston at the beginning of his ride) I e-mailed Sharon to tell her, and she said she was meeting her cousin this weekend for the first time in about 20 years. What a small world it is.

His next stop was about 25 miles down the road, near to Redig, and he was camping outside a cafe (handy for food), but would have to tie up the horses are there is no corral. Behind the cafe is a hill called Crow Butte, and there's an interesting story about it. in 1822, the Souix Indians ravaged a Crow camp and warfare followed between the two tribes. The Crow Indians retreated to the top of Crow Butte for a better vantage point. They were then surrounded by the Souix, who waited patiently until they all to died of thirst. Subsequently, the nearby Canyon of Skulls to the northwest of Crow Butte was filled with the skeletons of the Souix Indians who were decimated by a fever they picked up from the Crow Indians. What irony!

The following morning 29 August, Bob was riding a further 18.5 miles down the road, and will be camping where he can. The weather is very hot again, but he can take his time today, and said he will stop frequently to let the horses graze, as he has no hay for them. His next port of call will be Colony, which he will ride to tomorrow. By then he will have ridden 420 miles.

Keep watching this site.

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