Monday, 1 September 2008

Colony & Belle Fourche

After Bob left Redig he had a 19 mile ride, basically to the middle of nowhere, as there is nothing between Redig and Colony. He set camp beside a lake, and had to clear a path down to it to get water for himself and the horses. He had no hay for them so they were hobbled for grazing and were tied up when he went to bed. He dined that night on home made pork and antelope salami that was given to him by someone in Buffalo.

The next day disaster occurred. The weather was exceptionally hot (103 degrees). and he had ridden 14 miles when Tigers developed colic and kept trying to lie down. Bob was forced to walk with him for three miles to keep him moving. People kept stopping in their cars, saying "Are you mad ? Do you know what the temperature is ?" A couple, Tim Olsen and his wife stopped and gave Bob water which he was very grateful for, as he'd practically run out. Also, another car stopped and gave the horse some Bute, which is a medication to ease the pain, and he seemed to be better after that. The name of those people were Ralph Craig and his daughter Kirsty, and they also gave him a can of lemonade and a bunch of grapes. Bob said they tasted like nectar. I would like to extend my thanks to them all for helping him out.

Bob was stopping at the ranch of Wilbur and Dawn Newland, and because it was miles off the road Bob was travelling, they sent a trailer out to collect him when he was close. Because his vet's certificate had run off, he was forced to go to their place at Belle Fourche, instead of Colony. Dawn's brother JB came out in the trailer looking for him, as he was nowhere near the place they had arranged to meet because of the problems with Tigers.

The vet is coming out tomorrow (2 Sep) to do the new certificate, and check the horses over, and Bob will be resting that day.

When I spoke to Bob last night he was at a tractor pull at Newell, 25 miles from Belle Fourche, with Dawn and her brother, JB. Another new experience for him!

He said that Tigers was fine now, and eating well. He had arrived at Belle Fourche on 30 August and was planning on resting up there for a couple of days. Unfortunately Wilbur is away at the moment but Bob hopes to meet him before he leaves. He has been given wonderful accomodation, and he said the bed was fantastic. I think he was pretty exhausted that first night, after walking so long in the heat.

I think he was planning on riding the bit he missed when he had to go to Belle Fourche today, but I will find out more when I call him tonight.


PontiacPa said...

My wife & I met Bob at the Newell Car show Sunday afternoon. What an enjoyable conversation we had. His story of how this trip came about and his preparation he has done was so interesting.
We did take a picture and will post at a later date.
When we came home I just took a chance he had a website and am so happy we can follow his journey now.
Bob, take special care on the trip.
Tom & Ann

Bob Jones said...

Hi Bob - Laura and Matt here. Hope all is well in cowboy land. We are finding your new status as a celebrity very amusing! I was sat in the pub waiting for my friend and was flicking through the Times when there was a photo and story on you!!! I nearly fell off my chair! I think you should do a major celeb campaign when you get back - I'll organise it for you for a small 5% fee.
Good luck with everything and hope you are looking after yourself.

Laura and Matt

PS Liz is cooking us meatballs tonight.