Sunday, 28 September 2008

Dalton,Sidney and on to Lodgepole

Here are some photos that were kindly sent to me by Dan and Brenda McNeill, who Bob met on 17 September, whilst on the way to Crawford, Nebraska.

When they took this photo, Bob was trying to reach me by cell phone, but , unfortunately, his phone was flat.

Bob having a rest by the side of the road. Horses catching up on the grazing.

After Bob left Bridgeport Fairground he had a very easy ride to Mud Spring Ranch, the home of Betty Cape. Betty made a lovely meal for him and he had a comfortable bed for the night. He also met her three sons, who came over to visit with him. He had an early night as he had a long ride of 28 miles the following morning, and needed to make an early start. Thank you very much to Betty and her sons for their hospitality. I would also mention Jim, who stopped his truck when Bob was en route to the ranch and offered to trailer them all there. Bob politely declined the offer, as that would have been cheating.
His destination the next day was Cabela's RV Park and campground at Sidney, and he phoned me on 26 September when he was about 15 miles from there. It was a pretty hard ride, as he had left at 7am, and the weather again was very hot. He had stopped at a house along the way, where they kindly gave him water for himself and the horses. I contacted him later that evening when he had arrived at Cabela's. He had corralled the horses for the night, and set up his tent, and Norma ( sorry Norma, I don't know your surname) had arrived with hay for the horses. She also very kindly gave Bob a $20 gift voucher for Cabela's. Thank you for all your help, Norma, as I know you came straight from work with the hay, so it must have been a very long day for you. We do appreciate it.
Bob was staying there for the following day, and went to do some shopping in the store, as he needed some more socks and a few other items. Mary, the greeter in the store bought him breakfast, and Cabela's also gave him a goodies bag with lots of useful items, and would not let him pay for camping there. The Cabela newspaper also arrived to interview him, so he's a bit of a celebrity round there. Mine and Bob's thanks for Mary's and Cabela's generosity. It is so nice that everyone is extending a hand in friendship to him , as has been in evidence throughout this trip.
Bob was spending the rest of the day writing up his journal and resting , ready for his journey to Lodgepole the following morning . Once he leaves Lodgepole, he will be crossing into Colorado, and has already done in excess of 700 miles. In approximately one week's time, he will be half way through his long ride.
My sincere thanks to the people of Nebraska for all your kindness towards Bob, and all the help you have given him. Another great State!


mystic lane said...

Hey Jan,
Thanks so much for all the details to Bob's blog...It has been informative and interesting. I know that it takes a lot of work to put all the pictures up. How long do you get to talk to Bob each time?
The horses look great!
I also appreciate your decision to put that sad story up about the abused horses. It needed the exposure.
Are you all going to get a horse when this is done?
peace and cheers,
future longrider

Bob Jones said...
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Bob Jones said...

Hi there Ann
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