Sunday, 21 September 2008

Marsland and on to Lake Minatare

I was going to start off with some photos, but maybe Sunday evening is not a good time to download them, as I've been sitting here for ages and everything is on a go slow. I guess everyone's on their computers , so will do a separate blog with the pretty pictures in the early hours of the morning when all sensible people are in bed.

As you've probably gathered, I've had little or no contact with Bob for the last three days. But, miracles, I phoned at 1.00a.m. this morning and Bob answered. He was standing on a table to get reception, and even then we kept cutting out! We were both speaking as quickly as possible to get as much information relayed before he disappeared again.

When I last blogged, Bob was heading for Marsland on 18 September, a distance of about 20 miles. When I post the photos, you will be able to see what the scenery is like. The land is very flat, with a few low hills, but quite desolate, and very few trees for our man to shelter under. The temperature was in the high 80's, so it must have been quite tough not to have any shelter when he was resting on the way. He arrived at the home of retired vet, Arden Wohlers, who had arranged for him to sleep in the house. He had also arranged a stopover for the following day, which was great. Bob had not yet met him, as he wasn't at the house, but apparently is coming to meet Bob at Lake Minatare , two days on, where Bob is resting over for a few days. Arden has kindly arranged for a farrier to come with him to see to the horses' shoes and feet.

Can I take this opportunity of thanking Arden Wohlers for all the help he has given Bob in making his long ride that much easier.

Bob set off the next morning (19 September) at 7.15 am to his next destination, The Henderson Ranch. From what he was telling me when we spoke, the ride was very tough, not because of the terrain , but the weather was very hot, and he lost his way at one point , and ended up having to ride 30 miles . He didn't arrive at the ranch until 7.30 that evening, so was pretty exhausted. Trudy Henderson has kindly sent me some lovely photos, which she took after Bob left the ranch on the way to Lake Minatare, and also some of him with her family. Watch the next blog I do for the photos. She also kindly e-mailed me when I was out of contact with Bob, to let me know that he had arrived safely and from the sound of it was being well looked after. Mine and Bob's grateful thanks go out to all the Henderson family for their hospitality.

On 20 September, Bob rode nearly 23 miles to Lake Minatare, without incident. The weather was very hot, but a breeze was blowing, which makes it a bit cooler. I forgot to ask him how his back was when we talked, but there was no mention of it, so maybe things are improving in that direction. He is resting at this site until 23 September, and he has all mod cons here.....showers, wc, laundry, and even food for sale and a restaurant. He won't want to leave!!!!

He said there are quite a few people there camping etc, but I think he's the only one with horses, so is attracting a bit of attention, especially when they hear that British accent! The horses have a roped off area, and David, the superintendent of the site, has kindly got in hay for them.
Bob has pitched his tent only feet away from the lake. I guess he might have a swim if it's warm enough, while he's resting.

David's wife (sorry I don't know her name, but I'm sure Bob will let me know when we speak) has invited Bob over to their home for a meal this evening. I'm surprised that he's still losing weight with all these lovely people feeding him up.

With any luck, I will get the photos on the blog site this evening.... or early morning.( O.K. for those of you following the site in America, but not so good for the Brits). So keep watching, and we welcome any comments you wish to make on the blog site..... nothing rude though!!!

p.s. I've just been advised by CuChullaine of the Long Rider's Guild that Rocky Woolman has completed his longride of 1500 miles over the Central Divide from Mexico to Canada . Several riders had tried recently, and had to give up because of their or the horse's health, so a fantastic achievement. I've been in e-mail contact with Rocky today, and he's hoping to meet up with Bob, and hopefully ride with him some of the way.I'll keep you all posted on that. Congratulations to Rocky, and I hope it will be an inspiration to Bob.

p.p.s Bob has now ridden 720 miles, so has completed over a third of his long ride . Keep going, Long Rider in the making.

A lovely quote I've pinched from Rocky's blog site
"Life is a journey, enjoy the ride"

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