Sunday, 21 September 2008

The promised photos

This is the obligatory wildlife photo, that I like to include from time to time.Don't ask me where this frog (toad?) was .........

Someone has got a sense of humour! Aren't they cute?

The following photos were sent to me by Trudy Henderson. This is Bob on the way to Lake Minatare. You can see how flat and tree less the land is.

Tracey's son Kyle, with Cody.

Bob posing with the two boys. He's riding Tigers.

And here's a picture of Jace posing with the three boys!!!!

Kyle, Dorothy and Dave Henderson outside their ranch after Marsland. Bob was leaving for Lake Minatare.

The following photos were sent by Irene Tillusz, when Bob was up in the Maah Dah Hey. This is the campground, and the little yellow speck in the middle is his faithful yellow tent.

Our intrepid adventurer with his equine friends.

Keep on posting those photos to me . I love to see the faces of the people Bob has met on the way.

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