Friday, 12 September 2008

Custer,Pringle and the Minnekahta Trailhead

Hooray, Communication was re-established tonight, so I will fill you all in on what has been going on for the last few days.

Bob had an uneventful ride to Custer, but once there had a bit of trouble finding the Harwood's home where he was staying for the night. Don Harwood rode out to meet him and escorted him back. The Harwoods have some really beautiful horses, Spanish Mustangs, which I got the chance to look at on their web site. The following morning, Don rode with Bob to Pringle where he was staying at the Suncatcher'sTheraputic Riding, which is a charity that provides riding for disabled people. This is managed by Linda and Jerry.

Don took his camera on the ride there, and Terri very kindly e-mailed some really nice photos, which I will be putting on the blog site tomorrow, as it's now 2 o'clock in the morning, and I want to catch up on the news before I forget it.

A very big thank you to Don and Terri for all they have done for Bob. I know he really enjoyed his stay with you both, and thank you Terri for sending the photos so quickly.

The following morning Bob was all set to leave and then Jerry asked to come along for part of the ride, so there was quite a party with Don, Jerry and Bob riding. When they were half way to the Minnekhata Trailhead, Jerry rode back home, and reappeared at the Trailhead with dinner for them all (Jello and all!). After they had eaten, Bob set up his tent for the night, and as it was starting to get dark, Jerry trailered Don and his horse back to Custer. Bob was able to let the horses roam to graze, as it was fenced in at the Trailhead. There is water there and even a toilet. What luxuries!

Thank you very much to Linda and Jerry for all your hospitality. The dinner was very much appreciated by Bob ( and Don as well, I expect).

When I spoke to Bob tonight he had ridden just over 16 miles in the pouring rain to the home of Geri and John Baillie. Now he knows what it's been like in England for weeks! He's resting up there for 2 nights and will then be moving on to Rumford. After that he will be leaving South Dakota and heading into Nebraska.

This weekend, Jerry, who used to be a blacksmith is, coming out to Edgmont with Don and Terri
to visit Bob. Whilst there, he is going to trim the horses' feet and reset their shoes, as they've done quite a bit of mileage now ( 585 miles to be exact).

I spoke to CuChullaine and Basha O'Reilly from the Long Rider's Guild tonight. They have been invaluable in providing support and contacts for Bob when he was planning the long ride. I know Bob has spoken highly of them many times, and it is so nice to have that backup when you're heading into the unknown.It was lovely talking with them, as we've had a lot of contact by e-mail, but this was the first time I have spoken with them.

Tomorrow, I will post some photos, as Terri is planning to take some more when she comes to Edgmont at the weekend. I hope to see one of her and Don to put on the blog site.

Keep watching this space for further developments.

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