Monday, 15 September 2008

Edgemont South Dakota

Terri Harwood kindly sent these three photos of Bob, Don and Jerry today, on his last rest day at Edgemont on 14 September.

Below Jerry is resetting the front shoes on Tigers ready for the ride the next day.

Farewell, and thanks, Jerry, for all your help, not forgetting to mention his wife, Linda, as well.

A big thanks to Don. Hope you enjoyed the rides with Bob. My heartfelt thanks to Terri, for keeping me informed of how Bob was doing when I was out of contact with him, and for sending the photos through so quickly.

After Bob left the Minnekhata trailhead he rode over 16 miles to Edgemont. The weather has cooled considerably, so riding was much easier, although his back is still giving him a lot of pain, and he's having to take painkillers. When I spoke to Bob on 12 September he had arrived at the home of Geri and John Baillie, and was being very well looked after. He was actually in the supermarket with Geri stocking up on supplies when we spoke!
Bob rested up there for two days, and Geri and John took him out on a visit to Hot Springs. His horses have been well fed, and I think they were probably enjoying the rest. My sincere thanks to Geri and John for looking after Bob so well.
On 14 September, Don and Jerry arrived in the morning, and Jerry kindly reset Tigers' shoes, after which they went into Edgemont for burgers and chips.Don had brought a breast collar for Tigers, which was really good of him.
When I spoke to Bob today, he was well on his ride to Rumford, although he still had a considerable distance to go. Where he is riding is pretty desolate, very flat, and not much traffic. He is riding alongside the road, but says he only sees about 3 cars an hour. As I spoke to him, he said 4 deer had just run across the road in front of him. The weather is starting to get hotter again, and will be heading for 90 degrees in the next day or so. After his stay at Rumford tonight, he will be crossing the border to Nebraska.
Many thanks to all the kind people along the way in South Dakota.

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