Thursday, 25 September 2008

McGrew & Bayard, Nebraska

The photos below were taken by Rick Myers from the Star Herald when he came to do an interview with Bob at Lake Minatare.

Below is Farrier Wilkins making new shoes for Tigers.

Here's Bob's little yellow tent, nestling amongst the trees.

Bob and vet Arden Wohlers, who had come to visit that day. Bob stayed with him near Marsland.

Bob and David , the superintendent of Lake Minatare.

After the events at Lake Minatare, I expect Bob was glad to be back on the road again. He had 22 miles to travel to his next stay, and because he wanted to make it easy for Cody, he took all the extra weight off him, and also walked for 8 miles of the journey. The weather wasn't too hot, and he arrived at the home of Judy Durnal at Bayard in the early evening to a very warm welcome........there were about 20 people waiting to meet him. They all said they'd been reading about him in the newspaper, and they wanted his autograph on the newspapers they had brought!!!!! He is going to be sooooooo big headed if this carries on!
The horses were corralled for the night, and the barbecue came out, and I believe a good time was had by all. Bob reckons he didn't get to bed till going on midnight. I can't e-mail Judy as she hasn't got a computer, but if anyone reads this who knows her, please pass our thanks along to her for looking after Bob.
Bob left Bayard at 9.45 the next morning, accompanied part of the way by Judy and two of her friends, who rode for about 5 miles with him. He had an 18 mile ride to Bridgeport, where he was staying at the Fairground. Dale Frickey from the Fairground came out to meet Bob as was getting near to Bridgeport, and he had arranged hay to be there for the horses. Because there was no water at the fairground the local Fire Brigade came out and pumped about 100 galls of water into a container for Bob. They all enjoyed a beer after that, supplied by Dale. Thank you very much , Dale, and also the Fire Brigade for all your help.
Bob was heading today (25 Sep) towards Dalton, a distance of about 16 miles, so that won't be too taxing for Cody, although Bob says he seems remarkably unfazed by his adventure, and was raring to go again when they left Lake Minatare.
On a different subject. Under my blog "Marsland and on to Lake Minatare", I had mentioned at the end of the blog about Rocky Woolman's trip across the Central Divide. I have corrected it on that blog now, but for anyone who had already read it, I had mistakenly put he was the first person to do this, when I actually should have put, he was the first person to do it recently. Apologies to all the previous Long Riders who have already made this trip before him.

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