Sunday, 7 September 2008

Chill out time in Deadwood

On 4 September Bob had an easy 10 mile ride to Deadwood and is staying in a log cabin in a campsite there. He is aiming to have a bit of time out to see the sights of Deadwood and when I spoke to him had settled into his temporary abode. Dawn and Wilbur turned up in their trailer whilst we were talking and he was planning to take them out for a meal, and then they were going to trailer the horses back to their place, so they could be coralled for the three days.

I spoke to Bob the next night, and they had a wonderful meal at a restaurant owned by Kevin Costner (who, incidentally, Wilbur has met!!!) The restaurant is full of memorabilia from his films. Sounds like a great place to go. Bob said the food was fantastic.

That evening Bob met up with Dana Peep and his family and relatives of Kim Howie that Bob stayed with in Belfield. They had kindly driven out to Deadwood to meet him, which was really nice of them. They gave him a lift back to the campsite afterwards.

When we talked last night Bob was chilling out. He'd bought a load of "naughty but nice" goodies from the supermarket, and was catching up on his diary. He has an early start on 7 September, as Wilbur is arriving with the horses at 6a.m. and the ride to his next stop at Rochford is 26 miles. Thankfully, the weather has cooled down a lot, so the going should be easier, but he reckons it will take him about 10 hours riding. He is staying at Moonshine Gulch which is very sparsely populated at a bar owned by Betsy Harn. He will be hitting the Michelson Trail soon, which he is looking forward to, as it will be a bit of hill riding again.

Reception for cell phones is pretty bad in that area, so, once again, we may loose contact for a while.

Keep watching this site. When I have a bit more time, I will be aiming to post some more photos from Bob's camera that J.B. had sent me earlier.

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