Saturday, 13 September 2008

Photos of Bob on the Minnekahta Trailhead

Here we go, the promised photos, which I was too exhausted to do last night.
This is Bob riding Tigers, with Cody in tow on the Minnekahta Trail. Most of the trail is flat,as it was originally an old rail truck line, and runs for 100 miles.

Here all four horses are having a well deserved rest and chance for a feed.

This is Jerry from the Suncatcher's Theraputic Riding at Pringle, who rode part of the trail with Bob .

Here is Don Harwood from Custer, who rode for several days with Bob. He is coming to visit with Bob this weekend, as is Jerry.

The safe arrival of Bob and Don at the Harwood's home in Custer.

Reception is good with the cell phone now, so I will be talking to Bob this afternoon. He is resting up at Edgemont today and tomorrow, and then will heading off to Rumford, before he crosses the border to Nebraska. Another milestone!

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