Thursday, 4 September 2008

Belle Fourche and the Newlands

This is a selection from the photos that were kindly sent to me by J.B. yesterday.
Below is Bob leaving Dave Meredith's place at Spearfish, en route to Deadwood. This is one of the photos Dave sent tonight.

I don't think Wilbur will ever live this down! Dawn and Wilbur Newland washing the pots together!

Bob and Wilbur Newland at Mount Rushmore on 3 September

Bob gave a talk to the children at the school in Ludlow.

This is Suezet and Ron Braaten in their bar at Ludlow, where Bob stayed for the night.

Whilst Bob was in Medora, he was coming out of the show he went to with Myrna Eberle and her family and he spotted this Elk between the two buildings, on the top of the hill.

This is the buffalo that stood in Bob's way when he was on the trail in the Maah Daah Hey. Everyone has since told him that he should have kept well away from it , as they can be very aggressive!

Two exhausted horses up in the Maah Daah Hey having a well deserved rest

A view up in the Maah Daah Hey. Quite spectacular, isn't it?

This is typical of the trail that Bob rode on in the Maah Daah Hey. the whole trail took him a week, and was 100 miles long.

This cute little bunny was up in the Maah Daah hey. I had to include him!!!!!!

Yet another view in the Maah Daah Hey

And last of all. Here's Bob trusty yellow tent, that accompanies him everywhere. He has spent many an uncomfortable night in it!

Enough of photos for now. I will resume the ongoing saga of Bob's latest adventures.

Wilbur has now returned, and took Bob to complete the part of his ride that he had missed when he was trailered to Wilbur's and Dawn's place. Bob decided just to take Cody, as there was no point in loading the pack horse for this trip. However, Cody was not very happy about being parted from Tigers and kept neighing for him throughout the trip.
Wilbur trailered him to the point where he had been picked up the previous day, but en route took him to a point which is the place that the three states of Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota all meet up. He also took him to another point which is the centre of the United States.

Bob had no trouble with the ride and was back and Wilbur's and Dawn's late that afternoon.

The following day, the vet arrived to check the horses and give Bob the health certificate that he has to have renewed every 30 days. Bob mentioned the episode of colic with Tigers, and also the fact that he was having trouble weeing. It turns out he has what the horsey people call "beans in his penis"!!!!!! or for the layman "a blockage in the urethra " Anyway, Wilbur sedated the horse and did the necessary ( don't ask!!!!!) and all is now fine. He did say to Bob that he was happy to do it for the horse, but would not do the same for Bob!

The following day Wilbur took him for a bit of sightseeing, while the horses were resting. They went to Mount Rushmore to see the presidents' heads carved in the rock, and also Custer National Park. While they were out Bob spotted a Bald Headed Eagle, which he managed to take a photo of. They also did a check up of the campsite that Bob is staying at in Deadwood. I'm not sure yet, but Wilbur has offered to trailer the horses back to his place while Bob is in Deadwood, as there are no corrals for the horses at the campsite, and they would have to be tied up all the time. When I speak to Bob tonight, I will find out what's happening.

Dawn's brother, J.B., kindly spent most of the last evening Bob was there, sending about 100 photos to me through the computer from Bob's camera. Thank you very much , J.B. for spending so much time on that .

I really must say heartfelt thanks to Dawn and Wilbur for spending so much time with Bob , and for being such wonderful hosts, as well as accomodating him on what was a very busy weekend for them (It was Labour Day in America). They have totally gone out of their way to make sure he had a good time, and I'm sure Bob has already expressed his appreciation to them.

On 3 September, Wilbur rode with Bob to Spearfish , amply supplied with beef sandwiches and dried fruit from Dawn, where a friend of his, Dave Meredith, had offered to put Bob up for the night. I got an e-mail from Dave tonight saying that Bob had gone out for breakfast with him that morning, after a good night's sleep, and was now on his way to Deadwood. Thank you , Dave, not only for putting Bob up, but for kindly sending some photos, and also for letting me know he was safetly on his way.

Well that's the site brought up to date for now, so will resume when there's further news.


mystic lane said...

Greetings Bob Jones and team,
I have been avidly reading your journey because I expect to be taking my own long ride some day when I am about your age. And currently you are in an area I have planned to cross. Thanks for the details of the terrain and distance covered in a day.
Your stories also warm my heart knowing how kind folks are in this world. We only hear the bad and sensational on the news while every day people are reaching out to each other. Your story is important, as is any long rider or hiker or biker who journeys at a slower pace that allows connection to people.
I have a question. Who is actually recording your stories on your blog?
Best of Luck Bob Jones,
Continue to get all the juice from life you can!
Peace and cheers,

Bob Jones said...

This is a message for Ann Roberts who left the kind message on the blog site.

In answer to your question, I am Bob's wife, Jan, and I speak to him by cell phone from England most nights, and make notes of what he says.I also get many e-mails and photos from people in America, particularly those he's stayed with who fill me in with information, and I write up the blog site from home most evenings (more like early mornings).

I totally agree with you. He couldn't have met up with nicer people who are willing to give their all to ensure his longride is a success.

Good luck with your plans, and I'm sure you will get as much out of it as Bob is. It certainly restored our faith in human nature.


mystic lane said...

Hello Jan and Bob,
Thanks for clarifying the author of the blog.... Jan you must be an amazing woman!!! You selflessly support your husband while he fulfills such an inspiring dream.
It is just an all around wonderful story.
I will keep in touch...
Peace and cheers,
(ps. my heritage is Welsh)

Jazz said...

Bob, Hope all is well with you, hope to hear from you soon,
Your friend Sue

Mojo said...

Hi Bob,
What an achievement, keep riding, dont eat too many beans as cowboys do.
All the best.
From Mojo x