Sunday, 17 August 2008

Bob Arrives At Medora

Another long ride of 22 miles to the Wannagan Campsite over very hill terrain, but Bob arrived without mishap. The horses could roam free again that evening within the fenced off campsite. Their shoes are bearing up well, with hardly any wear showing.

An early start at 7.30am from the campsite for the last 16 miles to Medora. He spotted buffalo a couple of times and there was one on the trail which he took some really good photos of.It was so close he could have touched it, but because he was on horseback the buffalo didn't seem to realise he was there. He also saw a lot of what he called "lumpy lizards that looked like tortoises without shells". Turns out they're horned toads! Apparently there are a lot of Elk up in the hills, but he didn't see any at all.

He arrived at Medora about 1.00pm, and had to hose the horses down when he got to the Medora Foundation as he had gone through a river on the way and they were covered in mud. He will be resting in Medora for two days now, and the horses have got pens for the duration. When I spoke to him he was sitting outside an icecream parlour with double rations of ice cream in 92 degrees of heat. He will be camping with the horses whilst in Medora.

He has met up with Myrna Eberle and her family from Williston who are down in Medora for a show ( unfortunately poor Fred had to work and couldn't make it.) So they've got a spare ticket, and Bob is going with them this evening to the show.

I think he's looking forward to chilling out for a few days, as the Maah Daah Hey was quite hard work, even though he enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the photos of the scenery up there.

Had a comment on the blogsite from one of the cyclists he met up in the Maah Daah Hey, which was nice. Look forward to hearing from other people on the blog site that he meets on the way.


caren said...

Bob--I'm following your journey with great interest and wish you much success in the journey of a lifetime! I am "off the path" for your journey, but if you are flying out from Dallas/Ft Worth airport when all is said and done, you are welcome to stay at our house. I am dreaming of a long ride with my daughter in a few years and would relish the chance to sit and "pick your brain" about your ride. Feel free to contact me at

Many wishes for a safe and exciting journey!
Caren Reaves

Bob Neugebauer said...

My wife Darla and you had a beer and popcorn with you on Friday evening , August 15th at Elkhorn Campground in North Dakota's beautiful badlands. We enjoyed visiting with you and think that you are an inspiration to others who may want to take a once in a lifetime adventure.

I am glad that you enjoyed the Medora Musical. It is one of the premier shows in the country. Nobody goes home from it disappointed.

Good luck on the rest of your trip. You will find that the great plains people of the United vStates are the best people in the world.