Thursday, 21 August 2008

Riding To Belfield

The above photo is Bob with the Fulton's dog, Ash, Maggie and Katie, and a family friend.

Here we have the Fulton clan. From Left to right, Nick , Connie, Maggie, Wyatt, Bob, Katie, and last but not least, Don.

Here's Bob at eight o'clock in the morning, ready to set off again en route to Kim Howie's home. He has quite a long ride today, and unfortunately it's very hot again .

Yesterday Bob rode alongside the Interstate to Belfield, a distance of approx 18 miles. The weather was really hot, about 97 degrees, with no breeze whatsoever. I received an e-mail from his new hosts earlier that day to advise me that he had been spotted about 5 miles from their home, which was good as it put my mind at rest. The verges along the Interstate are really wide, but you have to look out for bottles etc that could be a problem for the horses. I thought that traffic might be a problem, but everything went smoothly.
When I spoke to Bob last night he had arrived at Don and Connie Fulton's home, and was chilling out with them and their children, and the dog ( a cocker spaniel, I think) by the name of Ash. He was drinking a Coor's beer with tomato juice! Don called out over the phone for me to join them. I would love to get some of that sunshine, and leave our rain behind.
My thanks go out to Don and Connie for being such wonderful hosts and for forwarding the photos so quickly to me. It's nice to be able to put up pictures on the blog site whilst Bob is still in that area.
Happy riding.
P.S. Bob found his watch which he had mislaid up in the Maah Daah Hey.

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Lenny said...

It's amazing what that Coors and tomatoe juice will do for the memory ---glad you found your watch--Lenny