Monday, 24 November 2008

About 15 miles after Whites City

The weather was quite hot today (23 Nov), and by midday Bob was down to a T shirt, after wrapping in several layers this morning to keep the frost at bay.

The roads are pretty quiet now, so the journey from Whites City was uneventful, except Bob's back is giving him trouble again. The horses will have to be tethered tonight as there is no corral or fenced in areas. Bob has stopped near the entrance to some sort of oil place, that has a permanent guard there, who lives in a trailer there, and opens the gate to let the traffic in.

John and Lois Carroll arrived with their horse trailer, which has a bed in it, kitchenette, shower and toilet, which will be lovely for Bob, as he will be able to get out of the cold, and make himself hot drinks. Lois told me that it can get quite cold and windy there. They put the trailer in a wide ditch , so that it's off the road, and the horses were tied to the trailer. The man at the entrance to the oil place also gave Bob some chocolate cakes,books to read, and mango squash, which was very kind of him. Thank you very much. John and Lois are proving a godsend to out traveller, as they are making his journey so much easier. I notice on the weather tonight that snow may fall in the Guadalupe mountains.

Bob has now left New Mexico and is back in Texas. On the 24 November he starts riding into the Gaudalupe mountains, and will be in there for 2/3 days. It is possible I will not be able to contact him, but will find out tonight. When we spoke last night, we lost a signal 5 times, and I had to keep ringing him back.

Only three more days, and I will start my journey to El Paso to meet Bob at the end of his Long Ride.

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