Friday, 21 November 2008

Hooray we have Pictures !

Thank you Debbie for kindly sending me pictures of Bob arriving at the Fairground, and also of the evening gathering.

The second lots of pictures are from Bernie in El Paso, who is trying to impress me, by showing me what a marvellous rider he is.........don't know what happened to the pony!

Here is Debbie Bell, who kindly arranged Bob's stay at the Fairground, when he arrived in Artesia . I don't know who the dog is !

Our intrepid Long Rider arriving at the Fairground.

Winner of the most glamorous grandmother award, Debbie with two of her grandkids. She doesn't look old enough !

Bob with Debbie's family and friends at the Country Club.
This is Jole, Debbie's daughter, who runs the Country Club.

Bob entertaining the ladies. I don't believe for a minute that he's had a hard time on this long ride, with all the socialising he's been doing.

Thank you Debbie,Joel, Jole, friends and family for looking after Bob.

And this can only be Bernie from El Paso, doing his death defying horse riding trick. Bernie, please put the horse down !

And here is Melissa, who I think is Bernie's wife (correct me if I'm wrong, Bernie) attempting the same feat.

On a different note. This is Sue Ballard from Tenessee, a friend of Bob and mine, with her horse, Jazz

And here are her two dogs, modelling the latest in Doggy fashion.

This is "Bob the Dog". This is the stray that followed Bob on 14 October when he arrived at Sally and Mel Depra's at Big Bend, Wiley. Sally has been unable to trace his owner, and is looking for a home for him...........I want him !!!!!! She sent the photo, and said they had to call him Bob........I think he's better looking than our Bob, don't you ?

I bet you're wondering what this picture is all about. When Bob was riding to Sally and Mel's at Big Bend, he got soaked to the skin, because it rained so heavily. Sally said they haven't had a drop of rain since, and to prove it, here are the horses' hoofprints still in the dust.

Well, I think that's given you a surfeit of Pictures, so will continue with the blog when lord and master phones me later.

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