Friday, 14 November 2008

Elida,New Mexico

Bob was up at the crack of dawn, and left at 6 am as he had a ride of 26 miles to Elida. He rode through the back streets of Elida, which were very quiet at that time of the morning, and then out onto the main road. The ditches are a lot worse now, very uneven, and practically unrideable, so once again he rides on the side of the road. The weather is typical of this time of the year......cloudy,cold and windy..........sounds like England.

When he was about 9 miles from Elida, who should pull up in a car, but Lonny, who'd arranged to look after him there. As there is no water anywhere now on the ride, Lonny arranged for some to be brought out for the horses...........and who should turn up half an hour later, but Melvin from the local police to water our trusty steeds !

As Bob rode into town at about 3.30, there was Melvin again, waiting to show him the corral for the horses, which had been loaned from someone. There was hay and water for Cody and Tigers, and they were settled for the night. Our friendly policeman then took Bob to the Town Hall where he met Sandra Monks, his original contact for the town, who had brought in the hay for the hoeses........and, needless to say, would not take payment for it. Thank you very much, Sandra, for arranging everything.

Bob had a bed for the night with a couple who were related to Bob Crosby, the 7 times world Rodeo champion, and he slept in an Adobe Cottage, which he said was really great ........had everything he needed. Later, Lonny brought him over a home cooked Steak dinner (from Lonny's own cattle), and he had a Peach tart made by Lonny's wife. Thank you to the couple who put Bob up for the night, and special thanks to Lonny and Melvin, who really put themselves out for him. It was much appreciated.

I know Bob really enjoyed his stay with the people of Elida, who he said were really great. Thank you for looking after my boys again.

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