Sunday, 9 November 2008

Portales, New Mexico

Another early start, and up at the crack of dawn to get the horses fed, cleaned and packed. Today, Cody was the ride horse, and Bob left Clovis at 7.00am. The journey today was just over 18 miles, and the weather was sunny with not much wind in the morning, but picking up as the day went on.

The ditches were pretty well unrideable, and the road was very busy, so the journey was a lot slower , although both horses are rock solid in traffic, which is brilliant.

He arrived at the Portales Fairground about 2pm, and the horses were stalled, with hay. The man who opened the Fairground up for him, kindly went and got more hay, as Bob was staying for a further night, and there were only two bales there. He refused to take payment for the hay, and would not take the money Bob offered him as a tip and for his petrol. Thank you so much for helping Bob out. Our rider has got the luxury of a heated barn for the night, and is sleeping on a table again !!!!!!!

Whilst Bob was riding there, a car stopped and three very excited ladies got out, and were jumping up and down. One of them ran up to him and said "Are you Bob Jones from England?" When Bob said he was, she said "We can't believe we've bumped into you, as we saw you on television."...........They then took masses of photos with each lady in turn posing with Bob and the horses.

A bit further on, another car stopped, and two men got out to talk with him. It turned out one of them was Gordon Morgan, who was the candidate for the House of Representatives in the Elections that have just finished. He was heading off to Las Vegas with his friend for a holiday. He was thrilled to find out what Bob was doing, and when they finished talking, gave Bob his card (he lives in Florida), and said, "when you are next in Florida, come and stay with me."

When we spoke last night (8 Nov), Bob was slumming it in a Pizza Restaurant........don't tell me you're getting sick of steak ! He's resting over in Portales for 9 November, and will be back on the road to Elida on 10 November.

Thank you to Charlene Hardin, at the Fairground for organising Bob's stopover there.

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