Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hagerman,New Mexico

On 17 November Bob had a ride of over 23 miles to Hagerman. The weather that day was very hot, hitting 80 degrees, and there was no wind. There is no Alfalfa growing in the ditches now, and what grass there is , is very dry and yellow. About 8 miles out of Hagerman, Bob spotted an irrigation ditch and stopped so the horses could drink their fill. He rode through Dexter to get to Hagerman.

Bob was stopping at the farm of Gary and Vi Babcock, and when he arrived they were waiting with some friends. A corral was ready for the horses, together with hay and grain, and once they had been settled , they drove to Dexter for a meal and a few drinks. From what Bob told me, he had a very enjoyable evening. Thanks to Vi, Gary and friends for a great time, and for putting Bob up for the night.He said what a great crowd you all were.

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