Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Vega and Hereford, Texas

After yesterday's incident, Bob again dosed Cody with Bute before they left, and packed him that day (3 Nov). They left at 7.15 ...... Bob has to get up later now as it gets light later, and a lot of the time he hasn't got electricity to sort the horses out by.

The ditches are pretty bad now and can't be used for riding in, so he uses the shoulder of the road. There are a lot of trucks this way which are very big and noisy, but don't seem to faze the horses at all. The weather was fine and the ride uneventful, and Cody coped well ..... that is one good horse ! Bob arrived at the County Arena at Vega early evening, and Sheriff David Medlin met him there. Both horses were corralled for the night, and David had got in feed for them. He took Bob to a wonderful Western Cafe called Boot Hill , that had recently opened, and they ate together.

Thank you for all your help, David.........much appreciated.

The following morning, (4 Nov) Bob again checked over Cody, who needless to say was raring to go, and Bob decided to ride him for the journey of 29 miles to Hereford. The weather that day was pleasantly warm with a temp of 75 degrees, but a Westerly wind of up to 40 mph that Bob had to ride into all day. He did say it kept him cool, but I should imagine he got a bit of windburn. Whilst he was on the road, another reporter came up to him and took photos, but Bob couldn't stop as he had such a long journey, and would be in the middle of nowhere when he arived at Hereford. I was pre-warned that coming into Hereford can be pretty smelly, because there are so many feed lots there, with thousands of cattle.

Bob had arived at J & K Stables, which is on the outskirts of town, and had been met by the owner, Jimmy Payne. He had provided a lovely corral for our boys, as well as hay and feed, and wouldn't take anything for it. Bob said he has a lovely set up there, and apparently, he does leather work as well. Thank you very much, Jimmy, for helping the three boys on their way.

When I spoke to Bob, he was suffering a bit, as he hurt his ribs when he threw himself off Cody, and he's also developed blisters where he's walked so much, in order to make it easier for Cody. He was bathing his poor feet when we spoke, and was looking forward to a freeze dried meal and bed, as he was up at 5.00 that morning.

There's no gain without pain ! Keep going, my three boys .......... I'm proud of you all.

In a few more days, Bob will be in New Mexico.

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