Saturday, 1 November 2008


Another short ride of only 16 miles on 28 October, again riding Tigers. Bob said the ditches are not so good for riding in now, so he tends to ride on the shoulder of the road. But, unfortunately, it's taking its toll on the horses shoes, and they will need re-shoeing by the time he reaches Dalhart.

As he was riding out of town, two dogs followed him, one wearing a collar. They followed him for miles, and he was getting quite worried about them as they seemed to have no road sense. When he was a few miles out from Hartley, Deputy Chanze Fowler came out to meet him, and took the dog with the collar back home. When Bob reached Hartley, the other dog just went off. He said there are a lot of dogs around that seem to live on their luck, and will follow you given the slightest encouragement. I would be adopting them all !

Chanze Fowler had arranged for Bob to stay with Ed and Nan Webber, who kindly gave him a bed for the night, as well as a shower and meal. The horses were corralled just out of town. Thank you so much Ed and Nan for helping Bob out.

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