Saturday, 1 November 2008

State Line, Texas and 20 miles on

Here we are again, reporting for duty, and bringing the blog site up to date. Sorry for the breaks, but it's unavoidable at the moment.

First of all I would like to say a big thank you to the people of Boise City, Oklahoma, for giving Bob such a good welcome.............apologies for putting Boise City in Colorado.......have now rectified that on the blog site. Woops !

Once Bob left Boise City he was riding along the State Line between Oklahoma and Texas for a journey of 19 miles. The trip was pretty uneventful, but grazing is getting more difficult for Cody and Tigers, as it is far drier now. He arrived at about 3.00pm at the home of Tom and Debra James, and had a comfortable bed for the night as well as a lovely meal. When he left next day, Debra provided him with sandwiches, home made cookies and cake for his lunch. Thank you so much Tom and Debra for all your kindness, and for fattening my man up........he's getting far too skinny !

Tom was telling Bob that they have been doing their family tree. Their relatives originally came from England and Ireland, and they are distantly related to the outlaw Jesse James.........isn't that great !

The following morning Bob had a ride of 20 miles to Richard Avila's Dairy. Bob said it is a fantastic set up there, and when he arrived there was grain and hay waiting for the boys, as well as a corral. So once they had been put to bed, the manager of the Dairy, Victoria Deleon, showed him where he was staying. Richard was away for the day. He slept in the Dairy Office, where he was able to have a shower, and Victoria had kindly provided him with a mattress,blankets and
pillows, as well as a meal that evening. The following morning Richard Avila came by to visit with him before he left.

Thank you very much, Richard for allowing him to camp in your office, and grateful thanks to Victoria for sorting everything for him.

Bob is now in Texas, and has done about 1400 miles.

Do you remember Taylor Hendrick, the little girl who was doing her first trail ride with Bob on 3 October as he was heading for Wauneta. Her mum , Patty kindly sent some photos of them on the ride together.

Obviously, this is Taylor, and I guess she's wearing one of the belt buckles she won in her horse competitions. Isn't she cute ?

Bob and Taylor on the road to Wauneta, Colorado.

Apparently, Taylor's ambition is to ride in the rodeos. We wish her luck. She has won quite a few competions already....not bad going for 81/2 is it ?

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