Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Bob is fine

I'm unable to get contact with Bob....three days now ! Do you think he's been eaten by a big brown bear..............No, I've had an e-mail come through from Lois and John Carroll, who have been kindly driving up with their trailer every day, and also bringing water and food for the horses, to advise me that everything is ok with my boys. He will probably not be able to contact me now until after Dell City Junction, and by then I will be in El Paso.

The weather is very cold and windy, and I should imagine it felt even colder when he was in the Guadalupe Mountains. I don't know if the snow has materialized, but have been told by El Paso that an extremely cold front is moving in, so I'd better take my woollies with me. I thought I was going to get a bit of sunshine !

Chip Clemmons whom Bob met when he was in Dexter, is driving along Bob's route today, to meet with his folks for a Thanksgiving dinner and family get together in El Paso. He reckons he will be passing Bob, and after reading my blog when I said Bob had run out of candy bars, he has bought him a large stock to keep him going. He said he will also take some bad weather gear for him to wear, in case of need. We don't want my man freezing to death on the last leg.

Well, my last day.......tomorrow I drive up to London, and catch the plane out early Friday morning. So the next blog will come direct from the horse's mouth......El Paso. It's all getting very exciting now, and once I can get over the mental block of packing my suitcase (yugh, that means I'm going on a plane, which frightens me to death ), I will be ready to go.

Keep looking, as I should be able to continue with the blog soon, and hopefully catch up with Bob's news in the next few days.

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