Saturday, 15 November 2008

Roswell, New Mexico

Our boys left at 7.30am for the 18 mile ride to Roswell on 14 November. As mentioned the previous night Bob had camped under the Bob Crosby Bridge, and that morning had to walk the horses across it to start off towards Roswell. Unfortunately, another mishap occurred with Cody as he was leading him across........ yet again, it concerned the expansion joint on the bridge which was metal ..... Cody slipped on it, skidded into Bob and knocked him flying, and while Bob was on the ground, stomped on his foot. He said the pain was excruciating, and although he can walk, the foot is swollen, but no broken bones( he thinks !!!!!).

Apart from that he had a very pleaseant ride, as he was on a side road which was very quiet, and the weather was good. Whilst he was riding along there a trucker stopped for a chat. He told Bob he had passed him quite a few times in the last few weeks, when Bob had been riding the main roads, and, as usual, was quite impressed with what Bob was doing. When he left he gave Bob some cakes and biscuits.

Bob arrived at the Fairground at Roswell at about 3.00 pm, and said it is a massive place. Rick had arranged for him to stay over in a trailer he had there, so, once again, our traveller is staying in the lap of luxury, with all mod cons. Rick wasn't there, but had sent along a welcoming committee of three of his friends, who all helped Bob settle the horses, and showed him where the trailer was. Everything was there for the horses....grain, hay and water, and around the trailer was fenced in, so the horses were allowed to roam free in there.

A little later Rick turned up with another friend, Mark, and they all went out for a sociable evening of steak and a few beers. Bob had a really good time........he's having a better social life than I am !!!!!...........and later he went back to the trailer and spent the rest of the evening listening to Country and Western on the radio.

Thanks everybody for helping him out, and giving him a great evening.

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