Thursday, 27 November 2008

Goodbye England

Hooray, we're off.............speak to you next from El Paso


mystic lane said...

As part of thanksgiving I am grateful that Bob chose to celebrate his retirement by becoming a long rider. I am grateful that you, Jan, have been unbelievably supportive and have kept us those supporting Bob in spirit, up to date on his travels.

Part of what makes a long rider so special is that he/she gives opportunities for every day folks a platform to show their compassion and decency. If you have ridden into my community, of course I would have opened my house and taken care of you. Any number of folks would have been honored. It is the correct thing to do but is rarely seen or heralded.

Jan has faithfully thanked the kind folks who helped Bob on his way... People are good and Bob, you provided them opportunities to show our collective best.
For that I am grateful...

I wish I could be there for the finish... Well, I will be in spirit.

El Paso County History said...

It's just about time to head off to te airport to pick Jan up. Other than a late night call from her last evening while she was processing through customs in the U.K. (needed an address where she was statying), her travel here seems quite uneventful. As soon as she regains her earthly balance after a long flight, we'll get her on line to blog all of you great supporters of this endeavor.


El Paso County History said...

Success......knickers checked twice, but Jan is safely in El Paso......... Sitting with a cup of coffee and a fire in the fireplace............


mystic lane said...

Glad you made it safe and sound!
Quite a trip! How many thousand miles?
Make sure you rest and readjust to your inner clock... I bet things are going to be hopping soon!
Peace and cheers,
PS. after a warm day and the doors open for thanksgiving... I heard a noise under my kitchen cabinets. I opened one door in was initially pleased that I might have found a snake... I am very fond of snakes... Then I looked again at the long slender form and said wait a minute! I opened up the second cabinet door and found Perry possum in amongst my pots and pans. Surprise! I picked him up by the tail and got him out of the cabinets.. He started scurrying away but made no traction on the linoleum. He was so vexed he ended up playing dead!!! Limp as a rag!
"Perry," I admonished, "It's just me!" Nope even our cozy relationship did not snap him out of it... I wrapped him in a towel and placed him out doors. When I opened the door a bit later the noise jarred him awake and he hightailed it out of there... Mumbling unkind comments the whole way. You would think at this point he would be used to the routine... Well probably he is thinking the same thing... :)

Chip said...

Saw Bob along the way home to Dexter, NM yesterday. He was at the the intersection of US. 62/180 and Tx. FM 1111. Said he was doing fine and was looking forward to laying over in Cornudas with the Carrolls. It's the home stretch!

Welcome to the colonies, Jan!!


Jazz said...

Welcome to America Jan,
I'll bet you are glad to see your Long Rider after such a separation.
I hope that all is well for you and Bob and that you are having a wonderful time here in the states. Still regret not being able to meet you in person. I feel like I know you both.
Congrats From Tennessee

thecarrolls said...

Just a note to tell folks that Bob has safely reached El Paso and has been reunited with Jan. We know that everyone will be as happy as we were to know that Bob,Cody,and Tigers all reached their goal safe and sound.
We would like to thank Bob for allowing us to host him on his trip through our part of the desert.
Bob is a super fellow and the horses are the best.
Three Cheers to you Bob.
John and Lois

goldfish said...

Congratulations Bob
From the Bristol Aquarists Society
Ian Mildon

Connie Fulton said...

Bob and Jan,
Well it made the front page of the Dickinson Press today that you made the ride! We have continued to watch the blog the whole trip so that you Jan, it was so nice to be able to keep updated on Bob's progress. You both have been through alot of hardships during all of this and you have been in our hearts and prayers. Once again, Congrats!
Connie and Don Fulton and family
Belfield, ND

Connie Fulton said...

Bob and Jan,
Well it made the front page of the Dickinson Press this morning that you made it! Congrats! We have continued to track your travels the whole ride and you both have been in our hearts and prayers for all the hardships you both have endured through out the trip. Give Tiggers and Cody a hug from the kids.
Connie and Don Fulton and family
Belfield, ND

Kevin Jones said...

Any one know whether my dad is safe and sound, as i am not able to get hold of him on his mobile for 2 weeks now. I thought he would have got in touch by now, bearing in mind he seems to have finished the ride on time, now has access to a pay phone and the internet, and the fact he knows I have put his western tack on e bay for him to sell. THe listing ends in less than 2 days, and I am getting a lot of questions which I am unable to answer.
Anyone who how I can contact him?
KEV (son of Bob)