Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Pictures of Bob sent today from Wray , Colorado

No news at all from Bob as cell phone reception is dead whilst he's in the Gaudalupe Mountains. I have received an E-mail from John and Lois Carroll, who have been kindly going out every day with their trailer for him, and feed and water for the horses , when necessary. They reassured me that all three boys are fine, and they saw them last night with the Park Rangers up in the foothills . Apparently the weather is very cold and windy now, and when I checked on the forecast, it looks like snow is on its way.

Plans are going apace in El Paso for Bob's arrival and Bernie and the gang there are currently trying to work a route for him through the city, with the help of the Border Patrol, Police and Sheriff's department. We have worked out which part of the border he is going to cross on, that will be away from the busiest parts .........trouble is, Bob doesn't know this, as we can't contact him !!!!!! Let's hope we can resume contact or we could be in one part of El Paso, and Bob in another.

Susie Bruggerman from Holyoke kindly sent me some photos that her mother,Dorothy took when she met him in Wray,Colorado, which are shown below. Thank you Dorothy and Susie.

I'm hoping that when I get to El Paso, I will be able to download some of the photos we take there onto the blog site straight away, so you can all join in the celebrations. I think Bob is getting really tired now, and he's having trouble with his back again, which makes it all a lot harder.

Last blog in England tomorrow.........El Paso here I come !


El Paso County History said...

Howdy all from Old El Paso. We're all looking forward to an English invasion in a couple days. We should have a lot of fun with Bob and Jan.............


Thenmozhi said...

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mystic lane said...

Hey El Paso County History!
What are you planning for our travelers? Anything I can help with from afar?