Sunday, 9 November 2008

Clovis, New Mexico

South of the Border, down Mexico Way.......... Well, not quite, but will New Mexico do ! Another State, but we're coming to the end.

Bob had a wonderful evening with Earl on 6 November, and set off for Clovis early morning, as usual . He reckoned the ride was ok, but weather very cold first thing in the morning, and windy, which seems to be the norm for this time of the year. The ditches were not good for riding, so most of the trip was alongside the road, on the hard shoulder. For a lot of the journey, the road ran alongside the railway line, and Bob reckoned that must have been the busiest track going, as there were constant trains passing through, all blowing their horns at the crossings. He said it was driving him mad, and he didn't know how the people who live near the rail tracks put up with the non stop noise. The journey was about 20.5 miles, and he arrived in Clovis late afternoon.

Bob was staying at the Fairground there, and the horses were fed and corralled. Bob slept under the grandstand in the little yellow tent, and when I spoke to him, was at K-Bob's Steak House........I guess having a steak for a change !

Thanks to Sue Ferrell at the Fairground for organising his stay, and getting hay in for the horses.

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