Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Disaster again leaving Tascosa

Bob left the Boy's Ranch early that morning of 2 November with a ride of 24 miles towards Vega. He had ridden a few miles down the road and had to cross a concrete bridge, with an expansion joint in the middle. Stupidly, the expansion joint was only covered in a rubber strip, and when Cody crossed over it ......... Bob was riding him that day, with Tigers packing, his back leg went through it, and he buckled to the floor, with Bob still on his back. Bob threw himself off and bruised his ribs, and fortunately, poor Cody managed to get to his legs. Yet again, the poor horse is grazed and bruised, and Bob had to walk him back to the boy's Ranch.

The stable manager at the Ranch checked him over, and although he's sore, pronounced him ok, but Bob decided to rest him for the day, and ride Tigers the next day. His wounds were dressed and he was dosed with Bute. When I spoke to Bob, he was quite upset about the incident, as he's so fond of Cody, and he's such a willing horse, with a lovely temperment.

Unfortunately, this has happened at a bad time, as for the next few days, Bob has got long distances to travel.

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