Thursday, 6 November 2008

Heading for Friona and Bovina, Texas

Cody seems to have recovered well from his latest mishap, and is all for heading out for adventure again. The person who sorted him out at The Boy's Ranch was called John David Vaughan, and he doctored Cody's wounds, and also provided grain for them, when Bob had to turn back that day. We do appreciate everything you did, John, and it was nice to know that Cody was fit enough to carry on with the ride.

On 5 November, our rider had a journey of 24 miles to Friona. He rode through the streets of Hereford (pronounced Herford), as he set off very early, and it was quiet. A snippet of history......... some of the streets in this town are paved with bricks, and this was done after the Great Depression, in order to give people work. However, they are not very easy to ride on , and Bob said the horses were skidding all over the place on them. He was riding Cody, and his lameness has totally disappeared. The weather was very cold first thing, but warmed up as the day went on. However, he was again riding into a brisk south-west wind, which was quite unpleaseant. He arrived at the Friona Vet's Clinic by early evening, which was just outside of town. The horses were stabled at the clinic, and food was waiting for them. Gary Cash the Vet, took Bob into town for a meal which he insisted on paying for, and picked him up later and brought him back to the Clinic. Unfortunately, he had to go out of town the following morning so was unable to spend any more time with Bob. Bob slept in the Clinic, so he was warm and dry. Our thanks to Gary for looking after him and the boys.

On 6 November, Bob will be spending his last day in Texas for the time being, and will be riding into New Mexico when he hits Clovis.

As usual, we have been thrilled with the kindness and help he has received from everyone. Thank you to the good people of Texas. We'll be riding back into your State on 24 November, all being well.

Happy riding, and keep safe,Bob and the "boys".

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C- said...

I'm glad to hear that Bob made it to El Paso ok. I'm finding out about him after his adventure is over. If I had known I would have directed you to contact my Parents in Friona, TX. They would have been pleased as punch to stable the boys for a night.

Coby Clark
Denver, Co