Saturday, 1 November 2008


Thank God Bob stayed for rest days here, as it's given me a chance to catch up on the site! Last blog of the night and then we're up to date again.

Bob has a very short ride on 30 October of only 12 miles........hardly worth the effort,Bob! Yet again as he left town, another dog followed him.......they must be passing the word along ..... follow this man, you might get a free meal! On the way, a guy stopped to talk to him, and yet again the dog was transported back from where it came. This dog had a real suicide wish, as Bob said a huge truck had to brake to avoid it and skidded across the road.

The land is becoming hillier, as through Colorado and Oklahoma it was extremely flat, but very desolate, and Bob is just about managing to find grazing for the horses when he stops on the way.
Whilst he was riding along a young guy of about 19 stopped to talk with him, and told him he was driving around looking for "cowboying" work. He had travelled from Wyoming, and said he would probably have to find work in the Feed Lots, although I don't think he wanted to. When he found out what Bob was doing, he was really envious, and said he would love to do the same one day. He told Bob he had a load of provisions in his pickup, and if there was anything he wanted he could take his pick. What generosity, when he didn't even have a job to go to. It speaks volumes about people, doesn't it ?

Bob was staying at The Boy's Ranch, and I will start by telling you about the history of this place. It was set up about 40/50 years ago as an orphanage, and is on the site of the old town of Tascosa. It is like a town in itself with a school, shops, cattle, horses, stables and housing, and was the brainchild of Cal Farley who built it in the 1930's. He was originally a World Welter Weight Wrestling champion, and then went on to play professional American Football. After that he became a business man, but was always interested in the welfare of children. He was given 110 acres to start the project off, and the Museum there is on the site of the old Court house. In its time Tascosa was the County seat, and the Court House would have served all the surrounding towns. Originally, Tascosa was a cattle centre, and therefore a cowboy town. Billy the Kid, Bat Masterton and Pat Garrett were all there at one time, and Bob went to see the big Boot Hill that is there. The town eventually became a ghost town as the Railroad never went through it. Bob spent quite a while in the museum finding out the history for me.

When Bob arrived a load of the kids came to see him, and the horses were stabled for him. David Hanzlick who's in charge of the stables, drove him round to show him everything,and was quite sad that he was away for the next few days, as I think he would have liked to have caught up on Bob's ride. He gave him a pocket knife as a souvenir.

Whilst he's been there, he has people coming up to him all the time saying "Are you the cowboy riding across America?" He's been issued with a visitor's pass, which means he can eat in the dining hall , and has been given a room of his own to sleep in . After he spoke to me Mike Pacino, who I think is the manager of the Ranch was going to pick him up and take him for a drive round the ranch. And guess what..... there's a BIG American Football game on tonight, which he's going to watch. I said "You don't know anything about American Football", and he informed me he's picking up the rules,and quite enjoys watching it.

Thank you very much everyone at The Boy's Ranch .........Bob had a great stay with you, and loved the history of the place.

Tomorrow he's heading for Vega, a longer ride of 24 miles. At least he's missing all the miserable weather we're having here.........freezing cold, gales and driving rain. What fun !!!!!!!!

Here are some photos that were kindly sent to me by C.F. David from the Boise City News, as Bob was getting ready to leave there.

Bob always tries to weigh his saddle packs to ensure they are as light as possible for the pack horse. He says he has spent a lot of time discarding things as he goes along. Always travel light.

Cleaning the horse's hooves before they set off. A job that's done every morning.

All bundled up and ready to go as Dawn breaks. Don't the boys look wonderful ( I'm talking about the horses!)

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