Saturday, 1 November 2008

Channing, Texas

Today on 29 October, Bob was heading for Channing, again riding Tigers.... I bet Cody's getting fed up being pack horse all the time.

The weather is now very cold in the mornings and evenings, but around midday it hits the middle 70's. I can remember it being like that when we were in Texas about 6 years ago. As he was riding into town he was met by Sheriff Franky Scott.......He came to tell Bob he couldn't stay at his original venue, so had arranged an alternative for him. This was at the home of Frank and Moselle Shepherd. The horses were staying at a small arena on the edge of town, and as he was unpacking there, a man came by the name of Melvin Jameson came up and started talking to him. He offered Bob a bed for the night, which he had to decline. and then said he was off to play a hand of Poker, and Did Bob want to come along........Bob again declined.

Bob had a very interesting evening with Frank and Moselle. Frank used to do a lot of Rodeo riding, and he had a tack room full of gear from his rodeo days, which included at least 10 saddles. I think they had a good time chatting about his exploits in the saddle. Also Moselle gave him a Raccoon memento, which I won't say what it is, as we want to surprise someone with it when he gets back to England ! A big thank you to Frank and Moselle for their hospitality.

Keep them horses heading West, cowboy

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